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The LiveJournal Conflicts Archive

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SixApart/Boldthrough - New 6A CEO announcement - Screenshot of first comments [Sep. 17th, 2007|07:55 pm]
The LiveJournal Conflicts Archive

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On Friday, Sept. 14, 2007, lj_biz posted a short update linking to news of the SixApart CEO change (from Barak Berkowitz to Chris Alden). Commenting was originally enabled. After a few comments were posted, comments were then disabled.

A very resourceful user took a screenshot of the few initial comments here. This is very useful, since some commenters in the current lj_biz post have theorized that comments were disabled due to the first few being cat macros and generally aggressive, unconstructive comments. Let it be noted that there is no cat macro in the screenshot. You can decide for yourself about the nature of the comments.

The post linked to a 6A blog which also has comments disabled (there has been speculation that they were originally enabled as well) and a press release. The 6A blog then links to the blog entry of new 6A CEO Chris Aldrin, and THIS entry has comments enabled. Impressively, Chris responded to bubble_blunder (who's been compiling open letters to 6A re: Boldthrough) saying that he would schedule a phone call with her to talk about her second open letter. (6A responded to the first on lj_biz.)
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Ads - Expansion of random cookie policy [Sep. 17th, 2007|04:36 pm]
The LiveJournal Conflicts Archive

This announcement was posted today to LiveJournal's "LJ-Biz" community. This is where LiveJournal offers explanations for its business decisions, after those decisions have taken place. Apparently this hasn't been released to the general public yet, because it has only appeared on this LJ community and not in a public announcement yet:


In a nutshell: LiveJournal is going to be applying cookies to random blogs on its system. The cookies will be completely random, which means no one is supposed to know who has a cookie on his blog. This is being done on an opt-out basis, which means you can choose not to have it...if you know about it in the first place.

LiveJournal's users are acting in the expected manner: they're going bat-guano over it. Check out the comments and see for yourself.
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To the members from the mods, not an official information post. [Aug. 30th, 2007|11:28 am]
The LiveJournal Conflicts Archive

Unless you count the information that we both are going to be mostly incommunicado for the weekend. I am going to Dragon*Con, and soleta_nf is moving and won't have internet access until September 6th. I'll be monitoring the com for both of us when I come back on Sunday until the 6th, but starting now until the 2nd, I will be far away from internet access myself.

In that time, dear members, please behave yourselves and throw no wild parties.

Also, we would like to stress two things: One, please review the rules as found in the community's profile and the first post. They are there for a reason.

Second, please start considering posting all that wonderful information you're sitting on.

The purpose of this community is to share and archive information from various sources for easy access. It isn't something only two people can do; we never intended for the two of us to be the only ones posting. We want your input, we want your information, your help and your suggestions. Not just in comments, but in posts. You might have that one piece of information that pulls everything together, but no one will know if you don't share.

If you've got a post chock full of information and are worried about posting it all at once, don't worry at all. You don't have to do it all at once; we'd rather you didn't, because that would make tagging and organization somewhat difficult. Several posts, made according to topic, is ideal. This also applies for if you think you don't have time to post everything. Post a little bit at a time.

If you're just insanely busy and really don't have the time, then here's where you can let us know and still share the information. In comments on this post, tell us you won't be able to post the information yourself for whatever reason, and leave a link to a place on your own LJ where the information can be found. Any one who DOES have time to write out a proper post can then do so, crediting you for gathering the information. That way you can still participate, without having to rearrange a busy schedule, AND the information gets shared.

That is all for now, everyone. Please, please help us make the Archive the best, most comprehesive place to find information on LJ and Six Apart. We can't do it without you.

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Ads - Sponsored V-Gift Controversy & Paid Users - LJ Response [Aug. 29th, 2007|12:02 am]
The LiveJournal Conflicts Archive


news has been updated. Things to note:

- Introduction of new sponsored content via a writer's contest. The post makes it clear that paid users will not see the sponsored "writer's block" prompts associated with the contest, but can opt-in to the contest if they like. The post fails to note that it is only open to (most) U.S. residents, despite complaints during the last (non-sponsored) writing contest about that not being stated upfront.

Some commenters are pointing out that this portion of the news post itself could be considered an ad.

- Users have been given the option of opting out of receiving v-gifts altogether, or just sponsored v-gifts. There is also a note to paid members stating that efforts are being made to limit the ads that paid users see. This seems to be in response to the sponsored v-gift controversy.
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Strikethrough - Suspended Journals - onewavebreaks [Aug. 20th, 2007|09:50 am]
The LiveJournal Conflicts Archive


This information provided by onewavebreaks.

onewavebreaks was one of the original users suspended during the 500 suspensions that occurred during May, 2007. According to the user, she is a survivor of rape and molestation, and created alowtimidvoice in order to voice fears and concerns that arose due to her suspension.

onewavebreaks has been reinstated, however alowtimidvoice is still active.
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Boldthrough - Terms of Service - LJ Abuse - Homosexual/Heterosexual Artwork Debate [Aug. 19th, 2007|05:19 am]
The LiveJournal Conflicts Archive


According to a recent comment in the lj_biz community by theclamsman, a piece of artwork depicting heterosexual sex acts and where at least one character was clearly underaged based on his canon information was reported to LJ Abuse once for spamming the community, and once for clear underaged content, but was found not to constitute a violation of LiveJournal's ToS. However this seems to be based on other Terms of Service than those regarding underaged content. theclamsman has reported the post again in hopes of having that content addressed by LJ Abuse. The same post depicting the fictional underaged character also contains a photograph of what appears to be a young, nude female.

Meanwhile, vikingcarrot received a notification of violation from LJ Abuse for a piece of homosexual artwork where the ambiguous character was clearly marked eighteen.

The date of the post giving LJ Abuse's response to the heterosexual artwork is August 12, 2007, one day before the latest lj_biz post and the date of vikingcarrot's notification of violation is August 15, 2007, two days after.

EDIT: Anildah discusses the issue in the comments of a journal entry by ficangel in innocence_jihad.

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Strikethrough/Boldthrough - News Stories/Coverage [Aug. 18th, 2007|11:39 am]
The LiveJournal Conflicts Archive

[Tags|, ]

Here are the news stories and news coverage I've collected related to Strikethrough and Boldthrough. I know I'm missing some, so if you know of more, please comment with links. Thanks!


1. Mass deletion sparks LiveJournal revolt" from CNet (May 30, 2007).
    "Thousands of LiveJournal customers are rebelling against the company's recent decision to censor hundreds of sex-themed discussion groups, a broad swath that has led to the removal of literary critiques and fan-written fiction about Harry Potter."

2. "LJ purges incest, slash fic under pressure from self-appointed 'warriors'" from Boing Boing (May 30, 2007).
    "A group called "Warriors for Innocence" has approached Six Apart, the company that owns LiveJournal (arguably the most popular fandom blog service online) demanding that certain journals be purged."

3. "Shota Community, Other LiveJournal Accounts Suspended" from the Anime News Network (May 30, 2007).
    "LiveJournal, Six Apart Incoporated's blogging community site which is popular in the anime/manga fan community, has permanently suspended its shota community and other accounts in a May 29-30 purge of alleged underaged sexual content."

4. "Livejournal suspends hundreds of accounts" from Digg (May 30, 2007).
    "Livejournal has suspended hundred of accounts in response to a Warriors for Innocence complaint that LJ was hosting & promoting pedophiles. BUT many innocent/legitimate journals & communities have gotten suspended as well. Most of those are fandom (including roleplaying journals) or literature related (like one community discussing Lolita)."

5. "Livejournal accounts deleted on a massive scale by abuse team" from Fark under the "amusing" category (May 30, 2007).
    "Livejournal accounts deleted on a massive scale by abuse team. In related news, stock in razor blades doubles."

6. "The Purity Police and Fanfic" from Firefox (May 30, 2007).
    "So the Purity Police have discovered fanfic on Livejournal and numerous Livejournal fanfiction communities have been deleted after complaints were filed."

7. "Six Apart's teen-alien problem" from Valleywag (May 31, 2007) has an interesting perspective on the wider implications of the Strikethrough controversy.
    "Pity the poor internet executive who runs foul of the fan-fiction community, one of the internet's most bizarre tribes."


1. "Six Apart At It Again, Deletes Fan Art Journals on LiveJournal" from Firefox (August 3, 2007).
    "Once again, Six Apart has been suspending the LiveJournals of users posting "inappropriate" content."

2. "Editorial -- Livejournal Employee Publicly Mocks Fandom" from Firefox (August 5, 2007).
    "I am offended."

3. "LiveJournal users fight erotic 'Harry Potter' deletions" from CNet (August 6, 2007).
    "LiveJournal users who patronize sex-themed Harry Potter fan art and fiction communities--and a host of other concerned users--are revolting a second time over account suspension notices they say are unpredictable and trample on their free-expression rights."

4. "LiveJournal users fight erotic ‘Harry Potter’ deletions" from TechOMG (August 6, 2007).
    "LiveJournal users who patronize sex-themed Harry Potter fan art and fiction communities are revolting a second time over account suspension notices that they say are unwarranted and trample on their free-expression rights."

5. "Blogs suspended because of Potter-Sex" in Der Spiegel, Europe's biggest and Germany's most influential weekly magazine (August 7, 2007). The article is in German, and viridian_magpie kindly translated it here.
    "A US blog provider is faced with an enormous problem: On Livejournal users published self-made fanfictions and fanarts – among other things they depict Harry Potter and his friends on homoerotic adventures. Such blogs have now been suspended – resulting in a storm of protest."

6. "Editorial -- Livejournal Draws a Line in the Sand" from Firefox (August 8, 2007).
    "On Monday night, Livejournal posted a new letter in response to user based complaints about the treatment of fanworks on the site."

7. "Six Apart Begins Issuing 'Strikes' to Users" from Firefox (August 16, 2007).
    "True to the policy, fan artists are being given warnings to remove potentially objectionable material -- even when it's not violating Livejournal's Terms of Service."
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Misc - Why We're Here [Aug. 18th, 2007|12:21 pm]
The LiveJournal Conflicts Archive


soleta_nf and I created ljconfl_archive for the purpose of gathering in one place all those links and pieces of information we’ve seen floating around out there. We want to have an archive to act as a single, cohesive and comprehensive resource where users can have this information at their fingertips. Personally, I’ve been running an ongoing series of posts covering the current issue, but I wasted time searching for links to reference what I was talking about. ljconfl_archive will hopefully remedy that problem, not just for me but for everyone needing information for coverage purposes or for essays.

We have done our best to make certain the Archive will remain objective information, free from bias. While the information linked in the Archive may show bias itself, anyone posting to the Archive must refrain from using any biased/subjective language.

We want information on Strikethrough and Boldthrough, of course, but also on past controversies that have occurred in the LiveJournal community, such as the controversy concerning default user pics depicting breastfeeding.

By posting this information here, we are inviting everyone with links to information to come join and help us build the Archive into the comprehensive resource everyone needs. Already, we have a timeline of events, and a listing of communities dedicated in one way or another to the issues at hand. One person can only gather so much, however. We need to come together as the LiveJournal community to offer our knowledge and in it, seek the larger truth.

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Ads - Sponsored V-Gift Controversy [Aug. 17th, 2007|10:19 pm]
The LiveJournal Conflicts Archive


The ongoing controversy surrounding ads on the LiveJournal site has erupted again with the latest news post. Other than a brief mention of the "policy discussion" on lj_biz, the post served to announce new sponsored v-gifts that any LJ user can send for free (up to 10 per week). Many users are complaining in the comments, pointing out that this is advertising that paid users will see (paid users are not supposed to see ads). Others have gotten the idea to send sponsored v-gifts to both news and lj_biz to voice their displeasure.

Information on how to block the sponsored v-gifts is here. Also, how to permanently delete any v-gifts you receive.
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Strikethrough/Boldthrough - Communities [Aug. 15th, 2007|07:00 pm]
The LiveJournal Conflicts Archive

[Tags|, ]

I want to list all the Strikethrough and Boldthrough communities in one place, to get a sense of the number and scope, and to get an idea of where else I can go for information. Hopefully others will find this helpful. Please comment if you know of any more, even if they're not on LiveJournal. Thanks!

Strikethrough/Boldthrough Communities

Created in response to Strikethrough:
    1. Fandom Tossed at GreatestJournal: One of the main fandom news communities covering Strikethrough/Boldthrough. "This community is for discussing and sharing information about the recent fannish journal suspensions at LiveJournal and subsequent related issues of LiveJournal policy."

    2. innocence_jihad: One of the main fandom news communities covering Strikethrough/Boldthrough. "Fandom Against Senseless Censorship. News, information, commentary, help, and many other things regarding the Livejournal/Six Apart censorship incidents. Fandom-directed, but certainly not fandom-specific."

    3. whydoesljcensor: "This is a place to discuss what is happening and why."

    4. fandom_counts: "Livejournal has over 13 million journals created. How many of those journals belong to members of fandom? Let's find out." Current members as of Aug. 15, 2007: 35,467.

    5. fandom_gives: "This community was created as an organizational meeting place for fandomers who have decided to pull funding away from SixApart, and who wish to use those funds to help people around the world who are in need."

    6. censoredcontent: "I hope my fellow LJ users will use this site to post or link fics, art, or poetry dealing with the sensitive topics that LJ has decided to censor."

Created between Strikethrough and Boldthrough:
    7. leavin_eljay: "This comm is in response to LJ's trending towards social conservatism in the name of corporate profits. Among other things, we seek to provide resources to fans wanting to set up house on other journalling sites."
    8. Refugees07 at InsaneJournal: "A central community for people to find out what's going on with SixApart's amazing customer service skills and associated drama, as well as discussion related to user migration and joining the IJ community."

Created in response to Boldthrough:
    9. ljconfl_archive: "The LiveJournal Conflicts Archive is intended to collect and archive all the various sources of information concerning all conflicts between LiveJournal/Six Apart and their customers."

    10. fandom_flies: "The Great Fandom Migration. We need to build a house, and we need to move. That's what this community is about."

    11. pay_no_more: "To estimate the number of potential LJ customers who have decided not to spend money on any LJ-related products, due their dissatisfaction and/or disagreement with the 6A/LJ behaviour during and after the Strikethrough and the Boldout incidents."

    12. beyond_lj: "This community exists to help artists/writers and fans to stay in touch when they leave or got banned from live journal." They also have a mirror site on Insane Journal.

    13. fandom_action: "To Organize Fans to Take Appropriate Legal Action. Running from a site won't change anything. If fandom moves to another site, that new site will become the next target. The only way to act, is to take appropriate action and go after the laws that hurt fandom, and strive to get laws in place that protect fandom."

    14. fandom_speaks: "To provide a safe, interactive, intelligent forum where the members of fandom can engage in productive dialogue with members of the Livejournal team, and with concerned members of the community, with a goal of creating greater customer satisfaction, as well as a happier community at large."

    15. we_the_users: "To provide a central place for the users to talk to the management and staff of Live Journal." (Note: Not yet active.)
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