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ljconfl_archive's Journal

The LiveJournal Conflicts Archive
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All Members , Moderated
Archiving events and conflicts on the LJ community
The LiveJournal Conflicts Archive

Your moderators: sailorcelestial and soleta_nf.

The LiveJournal Conflicts Archive is intended to collect and archive all the various sources of information concerning all conflicts between LiveJournal/Six Apart and their customers. This information may then be used by all concerned parties for their own purposes. It is also our intention for this information to be available to people as of yet unfamiliar with the topics located within, so they can make up their minds for themselves.

The LiveJournal Conflicts Archive is neutral. All information in this archive will be presented in the most objective manner possible. It is not the duty or purpose of the Archive to sway anyone’s opinion one way or another. We believe the information should speak for itself.

The Archive has guidelines in place to ensure all information will be presented in an unbiased manner, and to ensure a certain level of organization. Anyone may join the community, but those members wishing to participate and contribute must be willing to follow the following guidelines.

Approved-use Tags

All posts must be marked with one or more of the following approved-use tags:

Breastfeeding – in reference to the controversy regarding depictions of breastfeeding mothers in default user icons.

Six Apart – in reference to LiveJournal’s sale to Six Apart.

Strikethrough - in reference to the original Strikethrough controversy in May of 2007.

Boldthrough - in reference to the current Boldthrough controversy as of August, 2007.

Laws - in reference to any and all laws that have bearing on any past or present controversies.

Ads - in reference to the addition of advertisements on LiveJournal.

Misc - Miscellaneous, for those rare (and they should be rare) cases when nothing in a post falls under the other approved-use tags. As we enter more tags, this one should become even more rare.

As more situations come to our knowledge, further approved-use tags will be added. Using only these tags will ensure everyone uses the same terms to refer to situations that have been called many things in the course of discussion.

Post Subject Requirements

The LiveJournal Conflicts Archive will be using an index post to keep track of dates and titles of all information posts. As a result, it is in the best interest of organization to have guidelines regarding the format of the subject line.

First, your subject must include the category in which your post belongs (Strikethrough, Laws, etc.). Second, if your post is concerning something specific within the category, then you must specify after the tag by using a hyphen in between.

Example: Boldthrough – Terms of Service.

If there is something else that would help narrow the search, then that must be added after the second clarification.

Example: Boldthrough – Terms of Service – Legality.

The subject line may have as many single terms separated by hyphens as is necessary to completely specify to what area the information in the post refers.

sailorcelestial is the moderator in charge of monitoring use of proper tags and proper subject format. Anyone found not using proper tags or subject format will first be contacted and asked to edit. If the person does not comply, the moderator will be forced to edit the post herself.

Anyone found consistently disregarding proper format will be banned from the community. By “consistently,” we mean three strikes and you’re out.

Bias versus Objectivity

While the maintainers of The Livejournal Conflicts Archive certainly have our opinions on LiveJournal, Six Apart, and the various issues that will be found here, we feel it is in the best interest for all involved to have an objective point of view when contributing information. All posts that are more than simply links must include at least one link for source information to help in determining objectivity.

For that reason, we ask that all members who choose to participate not make their own opinions the point of any post. This is not the place to post your personal essays and rants; that is for you to do in your personal journal, and you are free to use the information here to do so; in fact that was the purpose of the Archive when it was conceived.

Whether you are anti-LJ/6A, pro-fandom, anti-fandom, pro-LJ/6A, or anti-all of it, we don’t care, and we don’t want to know. Everyone is welcome to participate in the gathering of information, and everyone is invited to use the information here for their own purposes, so long as those purposes are off the community.

Concerning comments, all members are free to hold friendly, reasoned discussions in comments, and to show opinion there. Flames and wank are not allowed, and consistent flaming will result in banning.

soleta_nf is the moderator in charge of monitoring bias versus objectivity. Anyone found posting information in a manner that seems biased will be asked to edit the biased portions (Bad example: "6A/LJ are horrible, and if you don't believe me, check out this post." Good example: "Here's the latest action that 6A/LJ has done: [details].”) If the member does not comply, the moderator reserves the right to either edit the post if she feels confident in the subject matter to do so, or to delete the post and ask for a more objective post on the subject from another member.

Anyone found consistently disregarding objectivity guidelines will be banned from the community. See above for our definition of “consistently.”

We look forward to seeing this community and the information contained in the Archive grow.

EDIT: Previously, we said opinion essays would be linked in a single essay archive post, and anyone found posting them elsewhere in the community would be banned. We've changed our mind. Opinion essays are allowed on two conditions: 1) that it is not your own and 2) that your language in your post be objective, biased neither for or against the essay in question.